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MASTRACK is a GPS tracker company that provides car tracking devices that give you the ability to keep track and protect what is important: your business, family and valuable assets.

Plug & Play

This easy-to-use plug and play GPS tracker for vehicle requires no professional installation and no wiring. Simply plug the MT-OBD live tracking device directly into the OBDII port, which is located under your dashboard, and you're ready to go. Optional battery backup version allows the real time GPS car tracker to keep tracking and to notify you immediately if the device is disconnected.

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Live View Camera

The ultimate driving companion. With its cutting-edge technology, this dash camera provides seamless, real-time connectivity with a built-in 4G LTE modem, allowing you to live stream, record and monitor your driving experience from anywhere, anytime.

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Simple installation, connects directly to any make, model or year vehicle. Placed under the dashboard or behind plastic panels within the vehicle, this device can be completely hidden from view. Optional battery backup allows you to be notified immediately and keep tracking if the device or vehicles battery is disconnected.

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This easy to use battery-operated portable GPS tracking device is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. With a highly sensitive GPS antenna this portable tracker device is able to produce accurate information. The optional 15000mAh Power Bank Hibernator case containing a long lasting Lithium Ion battery allows for up to 60+ days of continuous tracking on a single portable tracking device battery charge. The Hibernator Case is water, dirt and crush resistant and is equipped with a high force magnet allowing the case to be mounted under a vehicle or to heavy equipment or other metallic surfaces.

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How Does It Work?

Our GPS tracker business handles all the complicated work. Your vehicle tracker device uses the GPS satellites to obtain its location and then uses the cellular networks to report the information back to our servers. This vehicle GPS tracking service's processing happens live every second so you get the most up to date information.

Do I Need A Service Plan?

Service plans to suit any budget

You may have purchased your devices with on demand locations. This allows you to locate your device at any time by the push of a button. Since the on demand service does not include any automatic reporting, many customers opt to purchase a service plan.

No commitment. Cancel any time.
How does it work?

About Us is based in the U.S. and completely owned and staffed by U.S. workers.

The company was founded in 1999, to meet the unique needs of museums, auction houses, art collectors, and security personnel tasked with the transport of high valued cargo. The transportation of high value assets across the country needed a reliable and simple solution for GPS tracking. MasTrack was born to meet this need and quickly evolved into a well-established, independent GPS tracking company providing easy to use GPS solutions for all walks of life.

Specializing in, individuals and small business alike MasTrack takes a service that was once limited to large fleets and makes it accessible to small businesses, families and individual customers. With an easy to use platform customers are able to track their vehicles and monitor driver behavior in real time.