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Your Partner in GPS Compliance for Court Orders

At MasTrack, we understand the important role GPS tracking as a form of compliance with court orders. Court-ordered GPS tracking can serve as a beneficial compromise for defendants facing the risk of losing their driver's license due to certain offenses. This technology offers an effective means to monitor and enforce safe driving practices while allowing individuals to maintain their mobility and fulfill their daily responsibilities.

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Court-Ordered GPS Tracking
GPS & IoT Solutions for Compliance with Court Orders

Our Expertise:

MasTrack is a trailblazer in providing advanced GPS compliance solutions for court rulings & plea agreements. With over two decades of experience, we've developed a comprehensive suite of tools designed to meet the unique challenges by those facing difficult legal circumstances. The increased use of GPS tracking as a legal compromise can strike a balance between public safety and the need to continue driving for work, family, and other essential activities, ultimately promoting road safety without imposing a complete suspension of driving privileges. If you require GPS vehicle tracking as a condition of your probation or license suspension, we have GPS solutions to fit your needs.

Use Cases for Court Orders:

Reckless Driving & DUI Convictions: Individuals convicted for reckless driving may be required to use GPS tracking to monitor and enforce adherence to specified driving routes, curfews, or speed limits, promoting safer driving practices.

License Suspension Alternatives: Instead of suspending a person's driver's license, courts may opt for GPS tracking as an alternative. This allows offenders to maintain their ability to drive for essential activities while ensuring compliance with probationary conditions.

Traffic Violation Penalties: For individuals facing the potential loss of their driver's license due to repeated traffic violations, court-ordered GPS tracking can be employed as a compromise to encourage safer driving behaviors.

Domestic Violence Cases: GPS tracking may be used in cases involving domestic violence to create safety zones or ensure that offenders stay away from protected parties' residences or workplaces.

Unique Circumstances: Our platform is equipped for legal situations that require more than just location reporting. Our trackers can be equipped to handle speed alerts, geofence alerts, curfew alerts, and a variety of custom alerts. With additional hardware, an immobilizer can be paired to enforce the violation of specific terms.

Why Choose MasTrack:

Leaders in Legal Compliance: We're not just another GPS tracking solution; we lead the way in providing innovative GPS solutions for court-ordered monitoring. Our expertise sets the industry standards and drives continuous innovation, ensuring you remain at the forefront of legal compliance.

Customized for Your Legal Needs: Every legal situation is unique, and at MasTrack, we understand that. We offer tailored solutions to match the specific requirements of court orders, ensuring the needs of all parties involved are met.

Real-Time Oversight: With MasTrack, you'll have more than just GPS coordinates. You'll gain real-time insights into the monitored subject's compliance, enabling you to fine-tune your legal operations for maximum effectiveness and accountability.

Dependable in Any Circumstance: Count on MasTrack's robust technology and our reliable U.S.-based support team to ensure seamless monitoring, no matter the circumstances. Our devices are compatible with every major cellular carrier across 192 countries and territories.

Data Privacy and Security: Your data's privacy and security are our top priorities. MasTrack employs state-of-the-art encryption and stringent access controls to ensure that the monitored information remains confidential and protected at all times. With us, you can trust in the security and privacy of the monitored data.

Unlock the Next Generation of Court-Ordered GPS Tracking with MasTrack

Work with us to help manage your court-ordered GPS tracking requirements with our industry knowledge, customized solutions, real-time monitoring, unwavering dependability, and the highest standards of privacy and security. Begin your path toward smarter, safer, and more efficient enforcement monitoring today.


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