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Hibernator Case

The GL300 Portable GPS Tracker combined with the Hibernator Case provides up to 60 days of use without recharging. The case includes a 21,000mAh power bank battery and a high force magnet to assist in mounting under a vehicle or onto heavy equipment or other metallic surfaces.

OBD Install Dongle

OBD Install Dongle for Dash Cameras


When paired with a GPS tracker, the relay enables remote vehicle disabling to enhance security and prevent unauthorized usage.

RFID Reader

RFID Reader for Trucks & Company Vehicles

Soft Polymer Case

The GL300 Soft Polymer Case provides a convenient way to hold and protect the portable device while it is in use. You may use the built-in loop to attach the device easily to your belt or an animal's collar. The included lanyard with this GPS tracker case allows for easy access to the device while being worn by a loved one.

Elog Tablet

Android 6.0 truck driver log book tablet for sale certified and ready to use on the AT&T network. Mastrack's custom solution provides all required apps pre-installed and synced. Use this truck driver electronic logbook along with premium service for a complete solution or purchase our wireless service separately. This eLog logbook has a large 8" screen and is perfect for in cab use. The included r...

Mini Magnetic Case

The GL300 combined with the GL300 Mini Magnetic Case provides up to 15 days of standby use and up to 8 days of one minute tracking without recharging. The compact case includes two high force magnets to assist in mounting under a vehicle or onto heavy equipment or other metallic surfaces.

Additional Camera Monitor

Additional Camera Monitor for AD-Plus accessory cameras

Additional External Camera

Exterior Camera for the AD-Lite or AD-Plus

Additional Interior Camera

Interior Camera for the AD-Lite or AD-Plus

Magnetic Mount - Gl500

Magnetic Mount for GL500M Series

Winged Mount - Gl500

Winged Mount with tapping screws for GL500M Series