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At MasTrack, we understand the intricate demands of school bus operators at every level. Our cutting-edge IoT solutions empower operators to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and gain real-time visibility both inside and outside of buses. From real-time GPS monitoring to live-view dash camera applications, MasTrack delivers tailored solutions that revolutionize how student transport companies operate.

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GPS and IoT Solutions for School Bus Operators

Our Expertise:

At MasTrack, we're dedicated to revolutionizing student transport operations with cutting-edge GPS tracking and IoT solutions. With over two decades of experience, we've developed a comprehensive suite of tools designed to meet the unique challenges faced by schools and their bus operators. We offer tailored solutions that reduce costs, streamline operations, and enhance vehicle management. Whether you manage several large districts with many schools or a single district in a small town, we have GPS and IoT solutions to fit your needs.

Use Cases for Student Transport:

Efficient Fleet Management: Streamline your fleet operations with real-time bus tracking and route optimization. MasTrack's solutions enable you to monitor the whereabouts of your entire fleet on a single dashboard, ensuring your vehicles take the most efficient routes, reducing fuel costs, and lowering carbon emissions. GPS tracking helps school districts comply with regulations related to school bus safety and transportation.

Real-time Visibility: Accurately know when drivers arrive and depart each scheduled stop, and ensure students are dropped off at the right location. With our AI-enabled LTE camera system, record and live-stream events both inside and outside the bus, receive alerts for situations that may pose safety risks, monitor students behavior for disciplinary actions, and capture license plates of vehicles that violate traffic laws around school buses. Several tracker models can be connected to third-party sensors to provide custom alerts, such as emergency door opening, and log the number of times the stop sign & warning lights were deployed to verify their use at each stop.

Maintenance Savings: Receive alerts for aggressive driving behaviors that lead to hazardous situations and/or premature vehicle wear, such as speeding, heavy acceleration, harsh braking, hard cornering, and extended idling. Set individual reminders for key maintenance items, such as oil changes, filter replacements, etc. and help prevent vehicle downtime from unexpected repairs. As an added bonus, 24-7 roadside assistance is included with each monthly subscription.

Potential Insurance Savings: Many insurance companies will offer a discount on premiums when a GPS system is installed in bus fleets, based the ability to monitor driving performance and reconstruct traffic incidents.

Resource Allocation: Schools and bus operators can allocate resources more effectively by analyzing GPS data to determine the most efficient bus routes and staffing levels. By reviewing historical data on bus travel times, stops, and traffic patterns, operators can identify areas where routes can be optimized. Eliminate unnecessary stops, shorten routes, or add stops in growing neighborhoods.

Why Choose MasTrack:

Industry Pioneers: We've been at the forefront of IoT solutions for student transport, setting industry standards and constantly innovating.

Customization: No two school districts are exactly alike. MasTrack tailors solutions to match your unique needs, whether you require tracking for buses, vans, or support vehicles.

Real-time Insights: Gain actionable insights into your fleet's performance and optimize your operations for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Reliability: Count on MasTrack's robust technology and U.S. based support to keep your fleet running smoothly, no matter the circumstances. Our devices work with every major cellular carrier in 192 different countries & territories.

Privacy & Security: At MasTrack, safeguarding your data privacy and security is our top concern, and we employ state-of-the-art encryption and strict access controls to ensure your information remains confidential and protected at all times.

Unlock the Future of Student Transport Operations with MasTrack

Discover the transformative capabilities of MasTrack's GPS tracking and IoT solutions. Optimize bus routes, enhance student and driver safety, and drive meaningful change through cost savings. Contact us today to explore how MasTrack can modernize your operations. We are also happy to assist you in identifying federal and state grants and subsidies that may help cover the cost of our services.


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