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Flush Mounted Exterior/ Interior Camera

Exterior/Interior Camera

Additional Flush Mounted Camera for the AD-Lite or AD-Plus



    • Silicone enclosure for long-term durability
    • For use with AD-Lite or AD-Plus dash camera

    Additional Information...

    Add this camera to the AD-Lite or AD-Plus dash camera for an additional camara angle. Our solution allows for footage to be recorded and live-streamed and works seamlessly with your existing MasTrack equipment. Perfect to watch a back seat or storage area. Connect to the optional 7" LCD monitor for a live feed from the driver's seat.

    This camera can be mounted anywhere inside or outside the vehicle. The camera is enclosed in a silicone-coated plastic enclosure, ensuring long-lasting durability under many conditions. The enclosure blends in with most exterior vehicle plastics, giving it a factory look.